Amazon: Fly Fan for Tables, 3 Pcs Fly Repellent Fan for Indoor and Outside, Portable Table Fly Repellent Fan $9.99 ($20)

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Product Info:

  • 【Exclusively Designed & Chemical Free】Our unique torch-shaped battery-powered fly fan is not only stylish but also practical for outdoor settings. The specially designed table fly fan blades create a barrier that repels insects. Unlike traditional fly repellent that uses harmful chemicals or noisy fly zappers, our fly trap fan bug repellent uses a unique technology to refract light and drive away insects. This portable fly fan ensures you get the best value for your money.
  • 【DIY Installation】We have clear installation videos and illustrated steps. Follow our videos and illustrations for easy assembly and DIY fun. NOTE: DON’T INSERT THE POST VERTICALLY OR OUTWARD. THE OUTWARD-FACING GROOVE CAN’T BE INSTALLED. When installing 5 pillars, tilt inward at 45 degrees, press on the base, and push down until a “click”. DON’T STICK THE HOOK IN THE MIDDLE OR RIGHT SIDE OF THE PENTAGON. If there’s anything unclear, please contact us. We’ll answer all your questions.
  • 【Wider Range and Two Speeds】The table fly fan for outside eating has a 45 cm long fan blade that provides a wider range of action. There are two speeds at the bottom switch, high speed and low speed, which can be adjusted.Whether you’re setting up the shoo away fly fan for a picnic, the wide range of action ensures that you and your guests are protected from pests. The fly repellent fan’s wide coverage also makes it ideal for larger outdoor spaces such as gardens, patios.

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