Walmart: Morton Pure & Natural Water Softening Crystals, 40 lbs $7.97 ($39)

Morton Pure & Natural Water Softening Crystals, 40 lbs, is on sale for $7.97 ($38.99)  at

Product details :

Morton Pure and Natural is all natural, high purity salt with no additives. The natural solution for softer feeling skin and hair, less buildup on appliances, and the prevention of hard water spots on faucets, dishes and tile. It is recommended that every other month, add between two and four new bags to the tank, depending on the number of people in the household. Features easy-to-pour bag which includes a sturdy plastic handle for more comfortable carrying and an easy-tear opening. For use in all water softeners. Weight: 40 Lb. \nForm: Crystals \nType: Sodium Chloride \n This item is banned in the following states: ID

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