WayFair: Up to 50% Off Mirror & Decor Sale Big Furniture Sale from $19.99 ($30)

Up to 50% Off Mirror & Decor Sale Big Furniture Sale, is on sale from $15.99 ($30) at

product info:

  • Style: This decorative accent features a black metal finish and modern design that is perfect for your coffee tables, dressers, or tabletops.
  • Design: The modern design features a 3-dimensional cube within another 3-dimensional cube.
  • Perfect for your kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, or office Foreside’s beautiful decorative accents will enhance any home décor.
  • About Gracie Oaks: What makes a place a home? At Gracie Oaks, we believe the home is as much about the spaces we inhabit as the people we love and the storied objects we surround ourselves with. It’s in this place that Gracie Oaks brings unique, soulful items that make a home that much more inspiring, that much more enriching to make any place you find yourself in the world, truly home.


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